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Privacy Policy

Data we collect this platform is sent through an encryption so no intruder or trojan that collects information on the backend of the system will be disabled due to our Packet-filtering firewalls it will impossible for such action to executed. Personal information shared on the web system when signing up for our partnership section is mainly used to validate the actual person behind the account, such information will used to locate the individual when the need arises for them to be contacted. Since this is an NGO web system partners data protection is keen to the organization to safeguard such details our Partners.


Safety and Security

When it comes the aspect of safety and security of user data as mentioned above we use a lot of methodologies to store and retrieve data from our servers first and foremost we have the end to end encryption which protects user data from being seen by a third party agent rather than the administrator of the web system or the user who keyed in the information and also modified it. Our API is also write in JSon which protects the data of the end user to be protected and stored for a long period of time. Our Payment Gateways have encryption protecting the financial records of our partners so there would not be any instances of intrusion. 

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